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Security Awareness Posters & Images

Information Security Awareness Posters
Eye-catchy images are an interesting way to communicate the important information.




Security Awareness Posters & Images

Simple and effective reminders of security

Our posters and images are great tools for promoting awareness. We have designed humorous posters which will capture your employee's attention and remind them of basic information security rules. Our format and presentation results in widespread awareness and recognition of good security practices. By placing the posters in joint areas like break rooms or above coffee machines, you can effectively and efficiently educate your employees on different security topics every month. Our posters and images are available in print, or to download for use in newsletters and company websites.



Information Security Drawings

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Information Security Photographs

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The Danversbank Information Security Department has found InfoSecurityLab to be useful resource in information security awareness, the off the shelf products are cost effective.

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